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Ask the Expert: What is considered "Business Mileage"

July 4th. 2011
For tax purposes, how is business driving measured and?what should?be?included?as business driving? I have the following 2 scenarios: 1) If I drive from my client's place and back to my office, is the entire trip?which includes?the distance driving back to?my office counted as business driving? Answer:? Driving to a client's office from home, driving home from a client's office, driving from your office to a client's office, or returning to your office from the client's office are all examples of business driving.? Driving from home directly to your office (or back) ?is considered personal driving.

2) What if I head to my client's place and then back home or run some errands before heading to my client's place? How should?business driving be measured in these cases? Answer:? As outlined above, the trip from home to the client's office and back is considered business.? The trick is determining how much of the trip is personal when you run errands in the middle of the trip.? Some might argue that the business trip only begins at the point of the last personal errand.? I think this would be an unreasonable position, and would be inclined to estimate the additional distance travelled for the personal errands, and claim only the direct distance from home to the client's office as business, and the additional distance as personal.




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