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Better Blogging for Businesses

November 22nd. 2018

Topic Idea Hacks You Can Use


Business blogging is a critical component of effective digital marketing. Brands utilizing the power of content marketing offer search engine crawlers more pages to index, while accelerating their customer acquisition rates with informational content.




But even the best of bloggers sometimes suffer from dreaded writer's block. The content creation well can run dry, leaving a business blogger racking their brain over topic ideas for blog posts. If your brand is using business blogging to increase sales and improve SEO (search engine optimization), following are a few topic idea hacks you can use.
Time-Sensitive News via Google Tools
If you want to discover a super useful content creation hack, use the "tools" function on Google to find news posted within the past hour. Searching for content relevant to your industry that has been posted within the past 60 minutes lets you uncover tidbits others in your market sector likely aren't aware of yet. You can discover blog post ideas that allow you improve your thought leadership status and offer intriguing content to your blog's audience at the same time.
Visually Community Infographic Gallery
Checking out what graphic designers are creating infographics about is another awesome way to spur your blogging creativity. offers an online interface for designers to upload their infographic creations for public consumption ( Enter a keyword relevant to your business blog's audience into the search bar and then sort results by the most recently added. You'll uncover all sorts of intriguing ideas to blog about based upon topics that are trending with infographic designers.
Popular on Pinterest
Business bloggers can also use Pinterest to discover trending topic ideas. Search for keyword terms specific to your target market, and then choose the "popular" tab shown in your Pinterest search results. You'll be impressed at the wide variety of blogging ideas you'll come across simply by using Pinterest to hunt for content creation ideas. Pinterest is also a fabulous tool to use if you want to fill your editorial calendar. Search for a keyword + a seasonal event (Christmas, Halloween, etc.) and you'll be able to say goodbye to writer's block for months to come.
Competitive Intelligence
Another way to discover topic ideas for your business blog is to investigate what competitors in your market are blogging about. Uncover recent topics on their business' blog and then write about similar topics from the aspect of mistakes not to make. As an example, if your competitor is blogging about how to make SEO-friendly content marketing posts, you can create a blog post about the top mistakes brands make when incorporating search engine optimization tactics into their growth strategy. You'll be writing about topics others in your industry are covering, while addressing the topic from a different angle.
These are just a few topic idea hacks you can use if you find your writing well running dry. Blogging for your business can significantly increase your company's growth rate, but only if the content you're sharing is valuable to your target audience. Try each of these blogging hacks for yourself and you'll be impressed at how quickly you uncover all sorts of content marketing ideas for your business.






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