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Accounting and Taxation Advice

S+C Partners has been providing accounting and taxation consulting to our clients for over 30 years. Occasionally we create helpful information tools on popular topics as a free service to our clients and friends. Please review the special reports below for a topic of interest and download them using the links provided.


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New! US Tax Issues for Canadian Residents


There are approximately one million US citizens resident in Canada. Many of these residents don’t realize they are required to file US tax returns, even if all their work and income is in Canada. The consequences of non-compliance can be significant!

This white paper will address some of the issues faced by these individuals in order to assist with compliance with the law; reducing the risk of penalties; and providing information about new measures taken by the IRS.




Investing in Income Producing Real Estate


In light of recent stock market conditions, and increasing real estate valuations across the country, many investors are entertaining the thought of purchasing an income producing real estate property to diversify their investment asset mix. The chase for yield has caused many investors to consider owning a rental property to improve their investment return on low yielding bonds and guaranteed investment certificates.

We have prepared this white paper to discuss some of the issues you need to consider about owning real estate: ownership structure, financing, tax implications, cash flow and exit strategies.




6 Easy Steps to Creditor-Proof Your Business


Every day, we meet successful business owners with concerns about protecting the value of their largest asset, their business. You have worked hard for many years to build and develop a business, hire staff, expand operations, and maybe even purchase a building. You fear that one day through no fault of your own you may lose your largest asset due to something you have no control over: a natural disaster, information technology failure, customer or employee lawsuits, weak economy, or changes in government policy.


In this special report you will learn how to protect the value of your business in 6 easy steps.




Succession Strategies - Creating a Plan for Selling Your Business


Most entrepreneurs spend time and resources to create a thoughtful, written plan to start up a business. They know that a detailed business plan is essential to secure financing, anticipate potential obstacles and maximize revenue and profit growth.


However, only 35 percent of small business owners invest the same time and resources to develop a formal succession plan for their business. Yet succession planning is as essential as start-up planning and for exactly the same reasons. It can help secure financing for ongoing operations, minimize transition issues and ultimately maximize the business value.




At S+C Partners, we take a holistic view of client relationships by providing a full range of services including assurance, tax, advisory and information technology to support our clients’ financial commitments, minimize tax liabilities, optimize profitability and automate business processes.

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